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"It is recommended by the Ministry of Education that hot lunches are made available to all children in childcare settings."

Koalaroo Catering provides healthy morning and afternoon snacks and nutritious hot lunches daily. Going beyond the standard beans and wieners and crackers and cheese, Chef Steve's "Broader Palate, Broader Mind" philosophy offers the students tastes from around the world!

About Chef Steve

Developing an interest in the culinary arts and, particularly, ethnic food, Chef Steve began collecting and developing recipes from around the world at an early age. Mentored by a brilliant Italian cook for nearly 10 years, he used these skills to broaden his ethnic cooking range. A former restaurant owner, Chef Steve is Food Handler Certified and has completed the Good Beginnings Preschool Nutrition Program for Ontario. As well, his kitchen is annually inspected 3 times per year by the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit in accordance with health department regulations. Chef Steve created the "Broader Palate, Broader Mind" philosophy for children; a belief that once children aren't afraid to try new foods, they'll apply this behaviour to every day experiences, becoming more inquisitive and adventurous, and the results have been amazing! Chef Steve opened up Koalaroo Catering, hoping to make his wonderful food available to all children in child care settings.

Morning Snack

At least two fruits are served every day for morning snack so the children are exposed to up to 10 different tastes each week. Aside from the standard apples, oranges and bananas, they also enjoy a wide variety of melons, berries, pears, and tropical fruits, as well as seasonal exotics. Morning snacks are served with spring water.

Lunch Menu

Combining fresh ingredients with child friendly preparation, Koalaroo Caterings' "Broader Palate, Broader Mind" philosophy exposes the children to 28 different dishes from 20 different countries! Each lunch contains anywhere from 3 to 8 vegetables so that, coupled with the morning snack, the students receive the minimum 5 fruits/vegetables daily as recommended by the Canada Food Guide. Each lunch is based over potatoes, rice, pasta or beans, and the meats could include beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, or ground meats/sausages. In the case of a vegetarian meal, the meat protein would be supplemented in the afternoon snack. Lunches are served with 2% milk.

Afternoon Snack

A carb-based snack is served in the afternoon to carry the children over until they are picked up at the end of the day. Fresh baked bagels, English muffins, baguettes and flavoured breads are served with a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables. Wraps and tortillas are also used to provide a wide range of tasty, healthy snacks. On Friday afternoons a baked treat is served; cookies, cakes, squares, fruit breads. Afternoon snack is served with spring water.

The cost of meals and snacks is included in the monthly fee.

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