Special Events

At Koalaroo we offer a number of exciting special events for our students and parents! Wherever possible we always encourage parent participation and every year the excitement grows!

Fall Field Trip

Parents are encouraged to join us for our annual field trip. Venues we have previously visited include Avalon Orchards, Chappel Farm and Hewitts Farm. Field trips are a morning event and we return to school for lunch. Our mode of transport is a very exciting bus ride!

Christmas Concert

Our Christmas Concert is held on a Sunday so that hopefully both parents are able to attend. Each class performs individually before a whole school finale. Santa visits and then we socialise while enjoying some of Koalaroo Caterings' delicious treats.

Book Week

One week in Spring is dedicated to Literacy in the form of a Book Week. Parents are encouraged to sign up as a guest reader either to the whole school or their childs' individual class. Children bring in their favourite book and we spend the week not only reading all their books but also exploring the different mediums literacy is found in, as well as writing class stories. We culminate the week with Character Dress Up Days to celebrate their favourite character from their favourite book!

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Moms and Grandmas are invited to spend the afternoon with their child/grandchild creating special crafts just for them. They are also able to have Afternoon Tea together enjoying special treats made by Koalaroo Catering. Back in 2010, we had 4 generations of one family spend the afternoon with us - what an honour!

Family Fun Day

To celebrate the culmination of a successful academic year, our families join us for an afternoon of fun outdoor activities (weather permitting!) such as 'Giant Kerplunk'; 'Elephant Walk' and 'Marble Knockdown'. Our favourite game is 'Mermaid Sponge Toss' - poor dad puts his head in the mermaid cut out and the children throw wet sponges at him! We have a small graduation ceremony for those children who have completed the Wallaby Program. Koalaroo Catering puts on a resplendent supper followed by cake!

Miscellaneous Activities

Throughout the year we also have various activities and special days: Fire Truck Visit; Hallowe'en Parades; Pyjama Days; Crazy Hair Days; Easter Egg Hunts; Autism Awareness Dress Up in Blue Day; Butterfly Growing and Butterfly Release; Pet Visits; Valentine's Dress Up in Pink or Red Day and Winter paper Snowball 'fights'.

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